Terms and conditions

Read up on what applies to freight, discounts, exchanges or returns, and more. For all deliveries and invoices, please contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture's publication service.

Questions about orders and invoices

You can check your order by logging in on the stores My Pages. For queries about orders and invoices, you can contact us via


Your order will be received by mail in about five days from ordering.


Shipping charges are shown at the checkout when you place your order.

Items weighing over 2 kg are sent as packages. Please provide both street and post office box when you order because the postal service will otherwise charge an extra fee of 68 SEK per package if only the post office box address is given. The Swedish Board of Agriculture will charge this additional cost to the customer.


You can choose to pay for your order directly through the card payment or pay by invoice. Invoices are sent separately within about 5 working days and must be paid within 30 days.

Prices, VAT

The shopping cart and checkout can show prices both excluding and including VAT. On the invoice, you VAT is reported separately.

VAT on books is 6 percent. Pet Passport and stable records have a VAT rate of 25 percent. We reserve the right to change prices.


To get access to reduced prices the Swedish Board of Agriculture must approve you as a discounted customer. Apply for discounts by creating an account in the web shop. In your My Page, you can register, request processed within 5 working days. Once your eligibility is approved, you will receive an email from us. Only county administrative advisors are eligeblie for discounted prices. The condition being that they work with advisory services in the rural development program and that the shipping address goes to the county administrative board.

Exchanges and returns

To cancel a purchase you can return the shipment to the Board along with the invoice and packaging. The return must be made in good time before the invoice is due. Has your shipment been damaged? Or do you have another complaint case? Contact us or by your My Page. You can also reach us at 036-15 51 75. Always present your name, address and telephone number so we can contact you for any questions.