About the online store  

At the Swedish Board of Agriculture's online store, you can find our reports, brochures and forms.

You can also read many of our publications directly on screen without having to first download its file. You can also download and save or print most of the shops products or even order copies for delivery by mail

File Formats

The following file formats are available from the shop:

  • Read online – scroll and read directly on the screen without having to download files to your computer.
  • MS Word - usually a form that you can save once filled in.
  • PDF Download- a normal sized file of medium quality.
  • High resolution PDF that has been print-optimized for printing using high image quality.
  • Low-res PDF that has been optimized to keep the file size as small as possible.

Create you own account  

If you create an account in the shop you won’t need to enter your address every time you order from us. You will also be able to view your order history, manage returns and more.

If you are a veterinarian or work with counseling on county administration you may request access to the stores My Pages where you can access additional services.

How to order

To order publications in printed form, fill in the desired quantity and click on Add to Cart.

If you ordered the wrong product or the wrong amount, you can undo the order or change the amount. Click Change the basket on the right. Change the amount and click Update. The basket contents and total will then have been updated to the right. If you wish to remove a product completely fill in the number 0 or leave blank and click Update.

When you are finished shopping, go to the checkout via the link on the right. Choose any payment method. Then enter your details, or choose to log in to an existing account. Choose any shipping method. If ordering a package, select business package if you have a business address or MyPack if you are ordering as a private person. Approve your purchase. Click Submit order. Normally you will receive your delivery within five working days.

Here you can read The Terms of Purchase.